Friday, 27 March 2015

Diploma ceremony

Today we only made one hour and a half of class, because after these we received our official certificate of the Academy of English Studies of Folkestone. It was really exciting: the head teacher of the Academy called our names one by one to get them. At the same time we were so sad to say goodbye to our host families and all the good experiences we lived here... See you  Folkestone... and here we go Terrassa!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Dining Out


On Thursday evening we had dinner at an Italian Restaurant called Don Giovanni. The pizza was delicious. There were different types of it: margaritta, vegetariana, greca, prosciutto,...
We had a good time there. When we finished, the host families picked us up.
We had so much fun!

Elisabet Garcia, Natàlia Silvan and Paula Juárez



At 19:45 we met near the academy to go to the disco. Just after we entered, all the girls started dancing, looking at some tv screens in which there were playing some "Just Dance" songs. The boys didn't dance much, except for a few of them but, anyway, they had much fun too.

At 22:00 our host families picked us up at the disco to take us home, but a lot of us wanted to continue dancing!

Carla Martínez & Meritxell Castellet



Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Bowling in Ashford

On Wednesday we had lessons from 9 to 12:15. When the lessons finished, we had lunch and then we went to a park next to the train station. There we played football an took loads of photos. It was an enormous and beaufiful park, and we had lots of fun.
We took the train to Ashford at 14:15. When we arrived to Ashford, we went bowling. The bowling place was very similar to our "New Park".We had loads of laughs there, too. We divided ourselves into different teams, and the winner of every team were Julia Solanas, Maria Vera, Jaume Giol, Natalia Silvan, Jordi Martinez, Roger Font and Meritxell Castellet. After the bowling, we had 45 minutes left until the next train arrived. During these 45 minutes, we went to Ashford's Designer's Outlet Centre, where most of us bought some food and clothes.
We took the train back to Folkestone at 5 o'clock, and we arrived at 5:30. Then, everyone returned to their host families' home to have dinner and get ready for the disco.
It's was an awesome day! and it didn't rain!

Carla Cortada and Elisabet Garcia



Wednesday 25th


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Lessons on Tuesday

My classroom

Our classroom is a little small, our tables are large but we don't have much space because there are three students at each table.  Our teacher is very nice and she teaches us very well. She's called Lynn. Today we have spoken about our journey to England. Then, we've written about a famous person that is important for the world. I've written about Nelson Mandela. Then, we've read a text about a famous person.
We've had a break and some time for lunch when we have listened to music. It's been hilarious!

Núria Garcia and Isabel Fuyi Ibañez